Material Costs

As you are probably aware, inflation has driven up many day to day costs in the lives of Americans.  From groceries to gas prices, it seems that prices will continue to stay high and only go higher.  Last year we attempted to hold our pricing at  pretty much the same level as 2022.  However as we enter into 2024 we have seen the cost of barrels rise again.  We are now paying double for the price of a barrel compared to 5 years ago, and they are becoming increasingly harder to find as local and international demand has gone through the roof.  Because barrels are the main material used for our products we have decided to increase our prices for the first time in 2 years. We are constantly searching for additional suppliers of barrels and for lower costs.  We hope to offer sale prices as much as possible when we are able to find barrels at lower prices.  Our price list on our website has been adjusted, but please call or email us to check if there are any specials currently available.  Thank you for your understanding and your interest

David Adams