Our Barrel Rockers are hand built from repurposed white oak red wine barrels. Each one is unique as all barrels are unique in construction. One chair is approximately 90 percent of a single barrel. If you buy a set they will be built as close to the same as possible but will still have some small differences in detail. They are sealed with a water based "SPAR" urethane which has moisture and uv resistance. Although no finish will last forever when left uncovered in the weather the construction of the chair itself will remain solid if properly cared for. They can also be inexpensively and easily refinished if necessary, but we recommend keeping them protected from extended exposure to sun and rain if possible to extend the life of the finish. Pricing starts at $425.00 ea. plus tax and shipping, with discounts offered for quantities of 3 or more.

We also do a variety of bar stools, using primarily pieces from disassembled red wine barrels. We can customize height and sizing to your needs. They can have round or square tops, backs or no, swivel or fixed. Pricing will vary based upon style, starting at $199.00 ea. plus tax and shipping.